Toner is a powder mixture used in laser printers and photocopiers to form the printed text and images on the paper, in general through a toner cartridge. Mostly granulated plastic, early mixtures only added carbon powder and iron oxide, however mixtures have since been developed containing polypropylenefumed silica, and various minerals for triboelectrification.[1] Toner using plant-derived plastic also exists as an alternative to petroleum plastic.[2] Toner particles are melted by the heat of the fuser, and are thus bonded to the paper.

In earlier photocopiers, this low-cost carbon toner was poured by the user from a bottle into a reservoir in the machine[citation needed]. Later copiers, and laser printers from the first 1984 Hewlett-Packard LaserJet,[3] feed directly from a sealed toner cartridge.

Laser toner cartridges for use in color copiers and printers come in sets of cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK), allowing a very large color gamut to be generated by mixing.

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    What is a counterfeit print cartridge?

    Counterfeits look like HP. Counterfeits feel like HP. Counterfeits are illegally sold to unsuspecting customers as HP. However, the sad truth is even the best counterfeit print cartridge is still worthless to you and your HP printer. That’s because the quality and performance of a genuine HP print cartridge can’t be reproduced. Original HP toner gives you more.
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    Mercury toners are compatible with these printers:HP LaserJet 1010,1012,1015,1018,1020,1022,3015,3020,3030,3050,3050Z,3052,3055,M1005MFP M1319MFP Canon FAX L100 L140 L120 L160, i-Sensys MF4150, imageClass MF4150 MF4350d MF4370dn, Satera MF4110 4120,4122,4130,4140,4270,4690, Canon LBP2900,3000 Now you can save on the LaserJet printer cartridge expense by getting the MERCURY Toner Cartridge which is compatible with your HP Laserjet printer. You can now combine the efficiency of you HP printer with the quality of the Mercury  Printer cartridge and get great results. It gives you crisp and clear prints and copies. It can print up to 2000 pages in one go which makes it easy on your budget. The printer is easy to install and is apt for commercial purposes. The mercury Toners are compatible with the a wide range of printers like the HP LaserJet – 1010, 1015, 1020, 1022, 3030 and many more HP LaserJet printers along with Canon LBP 2900. Now you may use this cartridge as your cartridge solution to other specified printers too. With such wide spread compatibility it also delivers smudge free and fine prints.
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