Stamp pad inks

Stamp pad inks is a small box that contains a pad of cloth or other material. It is impregnated with ink (the pad is inky). A marker is pressed onto the pad, then onto paper. Any raised marks on the pad leave an impression in ink on the paper.

Stamp pad inks are used with rubber stamps. On the stamp is the symbol of an organisation, for example. After a form has been passed by an official, it is stamped to show it is authentic. Another variation is a date stamp, placed on all letters which arrive in the building. Another version is a stamp with a facsimile (copy) of an official’s signature. Using this, staff can send out letters when the official is not present. Rubber stamps and ink pads have been used for at least a hundred years by civil servants and businesses. They are still in use in many countries, but are gradually being replaced with other systems.

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  • Ink stamp pad

    KSh50.00 KSh43.00
    • Applicable to fabric, wood, paper, scrapbooking card-making, posters, notepads, journals. These are excellent for many different kinds of projects.
    • Can write CARDS, write a letter, writing a diary of you
    • You can use it for other kind of craft as well. Use your imagination.
    • Each Size: 2.95 x 1.97 x 0.97 inch / 7.2 x 5.2 x 1.8 CM
    • The color stayed pretty. Multiple Color for selection: Red, Black, Dark blue, Purple, Dark green, Light green, Light blue, Gold, Silver, Yellow, Pink, Orange. After the ink is dry on paper, it is waterproof.
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  • Stamp Pad Plastic body 9852

    KSh200.00 KSh100.00
    • LARGE: Need a large sized rubber stamp ink pad to accommodate your rubber stamps? At 5×7 inches this ink pad easily fits the bill with an oustanding imprint every time and is the perfect ink pad for rubber stamps
    • DURABLE: Infusion 5×7 Large Stamp Pad will stand up to your ink pad needs for years to come
    • COVERAGE: If you are looking for an ink pad with appropriate ink dispersment, Infusion Large Stamp Pad has a felt rubber stamp pad that is engineered for consistent and even coverage. Great for office products, mailing supplies, reference materials, corporate stampers, bank deposit stampers, personalized stampers, address stampers, date stamper and more
    • BRIGHTNESS – Brilliant inking is yours because Infusion 5×7″ Stamp Pads come in 16 colors. Choose from an industry leading set of colors to get the perfect color for you application 
    • comes in different color. violet,black,red,blue,green
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