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    We are one of the leading Sellers of first class quality A4 and A5 photocopy papers in Kenya. Below are some of our offerings Paper One: Paper One is a premium quality office paper for all office printing and copying machines. Made with Prodigi nano technology, it has super high whiteness and thickness which produces world-class documents with sharp and clear prints. XEROX PERFORMA PAPER Basic white A4 / A3 all-purpose printer and copy paper. DOUBLE A COPY PAPER A4 80GSM ,75GSM,70GSM Double A A3 80Gsm Copy Paper SPECIFICATION size : A4 brightness : 100% whiteness : CIE 167 Thickness : 110 um Opacity : 95% Roughness : 140 ml/ min Sheets/ Ream : 500 sheets Reams/ Box : 5