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Take the guesswork out of knowing who belongs in your organization with Our wide array of card printers. They contain a completely integrated ID card system conveniently packaged all in one box, 123 Easy ID makes it cost-effective for you to issue ID cards in three easy steps. With the 123 Easy ID, smaller organizations can implement ID security at a price that”s within reach. Everything you need to create high quality color photo ID cards is included in the 123 Easy ID printer, software, camera, cards and supplies. Simply open the box, install the software contained on a single CD, and you”re ready to create ID cards in a matter of minutes.

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    The first thing to clarify when discussing card printing machines is that they’re much different than ordinary desktop printers. ID printing machines are printers designed specifically for the task of transforming PVC plastic cards into high-quality ID badges. Your typical ink-jet or laser printer is of no use for such an application. ID printing machines work as part of a system to achieve this task. That system includes the printing machine itself, a digital camera, and ID card software. ID printers offer a variety of security options, and choosing the right machine depends on the specific needs of your organization.   Consider some of the following factors when exploring your choices in terms of ID printing machines:
    • How many cards do you plan on printing per year?
    • Will your cards require single-sided or double-sided printing?
    • Do you expect your organization to grow in the future?
    • What security features does your desired ID card solution require?
    • Bar codes
    • Magnetic stripe encoding
    • Holographic overlaminate
    • Proximity card technology
    • Smart card encoding
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