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QuickBooks Premier 2018 offers you all of QuickBooks Pro Desktop’s features, plus industry-specific tools and reports that you can rely on. It makes it simple for you to track your sales and create orders that you need for your business. The QuickBooks software provides a number of handy features, such as fast e-invoicing and seeing your complete business performance with just one click.Order it online on Jumia and have it delivered to your doorstep.

QUICKBOOKS PREMIER 2018 – QuickBooks Premier Is A Fast And Complete Finance Solution.

Build financial forecasts for sales and expenses

Plan ahead and anticipate trends by forecasting sales and expenses. See how different scenarios might affect you.

Keep track of everyone’s time on projects and jobs

Easily record the time you and your staff spend on projects, then automatically invoice customers for that time.

Get more pricing freedom with flexible discounting

Set prices for specific customers or jobs, change prices easily and offer deals to match or beat competitors.

Plan ahead effectively and anticipate future trends by creating financial forecasts for sales and expenses.

Forecasts enable you to create different scenarios and examine how they might affect your company.

For example, you can check under what circumstances you can afford to take on an extra member of staff, or see how losing a key client would affect your cash flow.

Track time on projects

QuickBooks Premier makes it easier to bill by the minute, hour or day.

Quickly and simply record the time you and your staff spend on different projects. You can see a breakdown of where the time’s going and use the figures to plan future projects.

The real magic happens when you raise an invoice, because QuickBooks will automatically remind you about any time the client hasn’t yet been billed for.

Offer flexible discounts

Get additional pricing freedom and flexibility for your business, without having to manually calculate discounts, deals and pricing levels.

Set discounts for specific customers or jobs

Change prices easily, whenever you need to

Offer special deals to match or beat competitors