ERASER ER-60B | Plannettech | comes in a good condition
  • High quality, dust free, removes lead easily and cleanly with very little pressure
  • No smudges, no paper tearing and ghosting. Residue roll together.
  • Extra soft and does not crack or harden with age.
  • Super saver in Pack of  Back to school supplies
  • Suitable for all black lead or graphite pencils
  • Perfect Size: 44mm x 25mm x 10mm, 1.73in x 0.98in x 0.39in.
  • Ideally placed in a stationery bag, mini size makes easy to carry.
  • 6 Colors To Choose: Pure black, silver white, light green, indigo, pink, milky white.
  • Rich and colorful colors can stimulate children’s visual organs effectively, so that children can maintain an optimistic and positive learning attitude.
  • High Quality: 4B Art Eraser uses environmentally-friendly PVC materials to solve a series of safety problems and provide children with a safe and healthy environment.
  • 4B Eraser: 4B eraser has higher toughness than 2B eraser. It is soft when wiped, and it is not easy to wipe paper. 4B is mainly used for sketch and painting.
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