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The Aclas ETR Machine is easily installed. ACLAS is the best retailing brand of ETR currently in Kenya. It has been in the Kenyan market for over 6 years now and the feedback from customers is really impressive. Aclas CRBX is GPRS ready hence can be integrated easily with the upcoming KRA system. Very easy to use and has a direct user interface keyboard.

Best in Quality 

The printing quality is very good and last long without fading. It has long lasting internal battery printing upto 600 receipts before recharge. Due to its small size, the Aclas ETR machine is perfectly portable. Aclas ETR Machine works as a calculator, operating arithmetic on the keypad directly. Programmed to deduct catering and service charge hence suitable in hotels and restaurants. Aclas ETR Machine correct errors incase of a mistake, duplicate of the etr receipt, able to reprint an earlier receipt in case it gets lost. The Aclas ETR Machine meets all requirements by Kenya Revenue Authority hence a KRA approved ETR machine

General Specifications 

  • Paper width: 57mm
  • Printers speed: 60mm/s max
  • Display: 6 8 Alphanumeric LCD
  • KRA Approved Etr Machine
  • Intergrated GPRS module for connection to any on-line system
  • Fast Silent Printer
  • Drop-in paper loading mechanism for easy handling of paper roll
  • Multipurpose keys are located on the keyboard with pre-assigned functions.
  • Operator and customer display
  • 60 hours standby mode.
  • Backlight-can work in dark places
  • Paper width of upto 57mmx42mm
  • Printing of receipt duplicates
  • Ideal for use in busy retail outlets
  • Keeping daily sales and total turn-overs
  • Auto update of date and time


3 reviews for Aclas ETR Machine

  1. Benson Mbogo

    Extremely simplifies the process of producing ETR Receipts. Great Product

  2. purity-0673

    I was skeptic at first, But this is the best ETR Machine i have ever used

  3. terryangiekariuki

    It works well

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