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    We are known for the supply of all types of security seals. We, PLANNETTECH INVESTORS. LTD., are a leading supplier of high quality  security seals in Kenya. We are specialized in the supply of  very affordable SECURITY SEALS, such as CONTAINER BOLT SEALS, PLASTIC SEALS, CABLE SEALS , and METER SEALS. We have ranked ourselves into the first-class supplier in the area of SECURITY SEALS in Kenya.

    Bolt seals are high-strength security seals used on shipping containers, railroad and air freight containers. The solid metal core head and a locking cylinder that is encased in shock proof plastic makes for a high level security seal and an efficient tamper deterrent.  Metal security seals are one of the most economical seal in the security industry. Suitable for various applications, the metal seal offers a great combination of tamper protection and value.Plastic trucks seals are widely used within the transportation industry. These particular seals make tamper detection easily. Smooth edges and breakable by hand make the Plastic Truck seal perfect for applications where increased handling is required.

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