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  • Photocopy Paper

    KSh400.00 KSh370.00

    This pack of copier papers from JK is manufactured with a convenient A4 size and is ideal to use with any photocopying machine. The sheets are available with a thickness of 75 gsm and have a superior stiffness that prevents any jamming or other inconveniences in the process of photocopying. The product comes in a pack of 500 sheets which provide you with clear prints and thus very easy to read from.

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  • Photocopy Papers

    KSh400.00 KSh370.00

    Photocopy papers distributors

    You are home. Looking for photocopy papers distributors in Kenya? We lead in this business. Get in touch with us.

    Specifications -:

    A4 80 GSM – 210 MM X 297 MM

    • Quality: Imported 100% Virgin Wood Pulp
    • Whiteness = 102-104%, Natural Hi-White
    • Capability: High Speed Copying 100 ppm
    • Applications: 2 Sided printability for High Speed Copiers, Inkjet Printers, Duplex, Laser

    You will enjoy both the quality of our products and other outstanding services. Make your order now and have us deliver your choice brand of papers to you in 48 hours or less. If you need any clarification, get in touch with our dedicated team of experts and your printing needs will be easily met in a timely manner.


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