Embossers  Stamp- Custom Logo Embosser in Round, Square or Rectangle- Paper Embosser Stamp- Personalized Embosser

Embossers is a great way to bring a personalized touch to books, gifts, letters, and weddings. Our well-crafted embosser is made with quality stainless steel and an interchangeable custom seal plate. It creates a crisp, clear impression of your monogram, name or address.

Precision crafted to make raised impressions on envelopes, stationery, books, invitations, foil seals and more

New Mechanism creates embossed images with minimal effort. Emboss multiple sheets of paper at once or emboss up to 80 lb. paper with ease

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  • Embosser board

    KSh1,000.00 KSh520.00
    • This embosser creates a crisp impression1.65″ in diameter.
    • Personalized embossers are an easy way to brand your letterhead for your business or educational institution!
    • Embosser inserts are constructed of high-quality delrin (Polyoxymethylene) to give a precise impression when embossed. This Official Seal Embosser is for 20lb paper or stationary exclusively.
    • Your embosser set includes the entire embosser casing and embosser insert that has the art. 
    • Comes in a different colours, yellow, cream, black, orange,pink, red,white
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