Datavan Touchscreens

Datavan touchscreens are manufactured by datavan International. The corporation started up with the trend of rising technology industry in Taiwan 1986. Basing on the strengths of extraordinary designing and manufacturing, DataVan is one of the substantial providers of POS terminal worldwide.

Their products include POS touch terminals, Kiosk self-service systems, modular POS and other peripherals. In order to meet the next generation of Industry 4.0, DataVan contribute the profession of terminal design, upgrade to IoT technology and smart cloud management. In alliance with business partners seamlessly, DataVan invent innovative strategies, provide the best service to increase business efficiency and productivity for global clients.

Datavan touchscreens have the following attributes:

  • 15-inch LCD panel (LED-backlight)
  • Resistive/ PCAP touch
  • Integrated MSR
  • VESA mount compliant
  • Ideal for POS application

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