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The first thing to clarify when discussing card printing machines is that they’re much different than ordinary desktop printers. ID printing machines are printers designed specifically for the task of transforming PVC plastic cards into high-quality ID badges. Your typical ink-jet or laser printer is of no use for such an application. ID printing machines work as part of a system to achieve this task. That system includes the printing machine itself, a digital camera, and ID card software.

ID printers offer a variety of security options, and choosing the right machine depends on the specific needs of your organization.


Consider some of the following factors when exploring your choices in terms of ID printing machines:

  • How many cards do you plan on printing per year?
  • Will your cards require single-sided or double-sided printing?
  • Do you expect your organization to grow in the future?
  • What security features does your desired ID card solution require?
  • Bar codes
  • Magnetic stripe encoding
  • Holographic overlaminate
  • Proximity card technology
  • Smart card encoding

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  • Datacard SD 460 Card Printer

    KSh297,500.00 KSh287,500.00
    • Use the tactile impression feature to impress an easily verified design onto the card laminate and substrate to help make alteration attempts immediately evident.
    • Choose from a set of generic designs, or create a custom design that impresses your unique logo or seal to elevate security as well as your brand.
    • Take security and durability to new levels with near, or full edge-to-edge lamination.
    • Choose from a variety of options including the budget-friendly Datacard® DuraShield™ clear overlay that’s virtually impossible to remove intact.
    • It’s four times the strength of basic topcoats at nearly the same price.
    • Plus, get the ability to apply serialized laminates, which lets you bind each card you print to a specific identity in your database to help deter counterfeiting.
    • Print vibrant cards with high-resolution, edge-to-edge printing.
    • Encode smart chips, magnetic stripes to meet the needs of your existing service and security infrastructure.
    • Apply the security and durability laminates you need to protect your people, facilities and assets.
    • Do it all in one pass for incredible efficiency.
    • Cards that are this secure, advanced and attractive should not come out of the printer bent or bowed.
    • Our unique de-bowing feature flattens cards after lamination to meet ISO standards for quality.
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  • Datacard SD160 Card Printer

    KSh107,750.00 KSh97,750.00
    • With entry-level pricing, the SD160 printer is a smart choice for efficiently producing a variety of high quality cards to get your ID program started.
    • The SD160 has unique low yield print ribbons that allows you to meet your card printing needs as they arise.
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  • Datacard SD260 Card Printer

    KSh130,750.00 KSh120,750.00

    Includes a 100 card hopper

    • New True Match™ printing technology creates vibrant, crisp and clean credentials that are both secure and visually impressive.
    • The SD260 printer lets you produce predictably outstanding images by emulating the sRGB industry standard color space for improved color management.
    • There’s no learning curve with the SD260 printer. The printer display panel automatically alerts users when supplies are running low.
    • Installation and printer operations are easy to understand with the helpful documentation tools provided with the XPS Printer Driver installation.
    • The browser-based printer manager makes it easy to control printer settings.
    • Never worry about jamming again with TruePick™ card handling. You can save work time and increase productivity by experiencing the fastest print speed in its class.
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  • Datacard SD360 Card Printer

    KSh171,575.00 KSh161,575.00
    • Create customized cards and badges with automatic two-sided printing.
    • The SD360 card printer produces outstanding, dual-sided ID cards that are both visually impressive and easy to produce.
    • Reduce the hassle of jamming with Datacard’s exclusive TruePick™ card handling.
    • Work time and efficiency can both be increased with the SD360 card printer, which produces clean credentials at industry-leading speeds.
    • Impress cardholders with the crisp, clean images and vibrant colors printed by the SD360 card printer.
    • Datacard’s exclusive True Match™ printing technology closely matches the colors on your card to the colors on your screen.
    • Produce two-sided cards in full-color, up to 256 shades per color panel.
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  • Datacard SP75 Plus card printer

    • Dual-sided, dye sublimation printer
    • Quick print speed – print full color dual-sided cards in 22 seconds
    • 100 card input hopper
    • Single-sided lamination
    • Upgrade options: Magnetic stripe encoding, smart card encoding, 200 card input hopper
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