Bar code scanners hand held & Table Top

bar code scanner  (or bar code reader) is an electronic device that can read and output printed barcodes to a computer. Like a flatbed scanner, it consists of a light source, a lens and a light sensor translating optical impulses into electrical ones. Additionally, nearly all barcode readers contain decoder circuitry analyzing the bar code’s image data provided by the sensor and sending the barcode’s content to the scanner’s output port.

Popular types

Laser scanners

Laser scanners work the same way as pen type readers except that they use a laser beam as the light source and typically employ either a reciprocating mirror or a rotating prism to scan the laser beam back and forth across the bar code. As with the pen type reader, a photo-diode is used to measure the intensity of the light reflected back from the bar code. In both pen readers and laser scanners, the light emitted by the reader is rapidly varied in brightness with a data pattern and the photo-diode receive circuitry is designed to detect only signals with the same modulated pattern.

CCD readers (also known as LED scanners)

CCD readers use an array of hundreds of tiny light sensors lined up in a row in the head of the reader. Each sensor measures the intensity of the light immediately in front of it. Each individual light sensor in the CCD reader is extremely small and because there are hundreds of sensors lined up in a row, a voltage pattern identical to the pattern in a bar code is generated in the reader by sequentially measuring the voltages across each sensor in the row. The important difference between a CCD reader and a pen or laser scanner is that the CCD reader is measuring emitted ambient light from the bar code whereas pen or laser scanners are measuring reflected light of a specific frequency originating from the scanner itself.

Camera-based readers

Two-dimensional imaging scanners are a newer type of bar code reader. They use a camera and image processing techniques to decode the bar code.

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  • Datalogic Magellan 800i Table Top Bar code Scanner

    KSh30,000.00 KSh25,000.00
    • Scans all standard 1D codes, Aztec Code; Data Matrix; MaxiCode; QR Code; GS1 DataBar Expanded Stacked; GS1 DataBar Stacked; GS1 DataBar Stacked Omnidirectional; MicroPDF417; PDF417, aggressive performance on 1D and 2D codes increases productivity
    • Powerful Advanced Data Editing for custom host output, No moving parts for improved reliability
    • Ergonomically designed for hands-free or handheld operation
    • Small footprint for easy installation into space constrained applications
    • Precise imaging scan volume eliminates misreads caused by stray laser scan lines, configurable image capture mode to optimize host upload time
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  • Datalogic Megellan 3200 Table top barcode scanner

    KSh49,650.00 KSh39,650.00
    • The scanner is clearly superior by offering outstanding performance (Reading – scans per second of 39,000,000 pixels per second & Resolution (maximum) of 5 mils).
    • Also offering other additional features currently not found in table top reader these features include 2D reading, 2D reading field upgradeability,
      image capture and reading barcodes from cell phones.
    • Additional features such as the two ‘good read’ indicators and the Micro-SD card reader make the Magellan 3200VSi reader the obvious winner.
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  • honeywell 1250g hand held scanner

    KSh16,000.00 KSh13,000.00
    • Detects bar codes automatically on stand and uses trigger on hand
    • Fast scanning increasing productivity and reduction in errors
    • Strong scanning capability for damaged and poorly printed barcodes
    • Scanning speed of 13mil bar codes with capability of detecting from as far 17.6 inches
    • Reads standard 1D and GS1 DataBar symbologies
    • USB for connectivity
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  • Honeywell 1900 GSR hand held scanner

    KSh53,700.00 KSh43,700.00
    • Custom Sensor Optimized for Bar Code Scanning: Improves scanning aggressiveness and protects investment by providing supply chain stability
    • Multiple Focal Options: Three focal options (high density, standard range and extended range) provide application-specific scanning, leading to improved productivity
    • Image Processing Software: Offers advanced editing functionality – cropping, brightening, rotating, sharpening and more – to produce high-quality digital images
    • TotalFreedom™ 2.0: Second-generation development platform enables the loading and linking of multiple applications on the scanner to enhance image processing, decoding or data formatting functionality, eliminating the need for host system modifications
    • Remote MasterMind™ Scanner Management Software: Provides a quick and convenient solution for IT administrators seeking to manage all scanners within their network from a single remote location
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  • Motorola LS-2208 bar code scanner

    KSh16,600.00 KSh15,600.00
    • Handheld barcode reader can be used to scan and decode linear one-dimensional (1D) barcodes; comes with stand
    • 650-nm laser produces single line of light to scan a barcode from left to right or from right to left
    • Able to scan barcodes from up to 17″ away at a speed of up to 100 scans per second in continuous mode
    • Universal cable connects to host system’s serial or USB port or to keyboard wedge (sold separately) to transmit barcode data
    • Weighs 5.15 oz.; measures 6 x 2.5 x 3.34 inches (H x W x D)
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  • xpos LX- 8000 table top bar code scanner

    KSh34,500.00 KSh32,500.00
    • Image capture 1D barcode reading performance for medium- to high-volume retailers such as drug, grocery, specialty soft goods, hard goods and department stores, the X-POS LX 8000 offers a cost effective, hands-free solution.
    • It is designed for maximum uptime to withstand the toughest and busiest retail environments.
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  • Xpos LX-2209 handheld bar code scanner

    KSh11,800.00 KSh7,800.00
    • USB handheld Barcode Scanner, Manual or Auto trigger, Auto sense. With a resolution of 4 mil, light source 670 scan method vibrating mirror, 120 scans/ sec & decode rate of 300 decodes/sec. Reading pitch angle +60.
    • Reading skew angle +30, Reading rotation angle 15%, Reading width 32cm
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  • xpos LX-8300 hand held scanner

    KSh38,600.00 KSh28,600.00
    • Wireless Laser barcode scanner
    • Memory: 4M, can expand to 8M, Mandatory reset,
    • Communication distance: Empty place can reach 1200 meters, indoor for 300 meters, Six Floors of building barrier-free communication,
    • Built-in antenna, reliable communications, the scope of work Support one to one, many to one, one base can support multiple scanners (up to 255 units) Gun ID display;
    • 1500MA high capacity lithium battery, charging time 10 hours, Beyond the receiver from the light and buzzer prompts; Decoding types; support USB interface.


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