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Looking for an Uninterrupted Power Supply / Uninterruptible Power Supply / Battery Backup? Safeguard your electronics with a true double conversion online UPS from Plannettech – we have been supplying affordable, feature-rich pure sine wave protection for your home and business for many years!

As there are many different types of UPS systems available and all of them are designed for certain tasks it is important that you choose the correct UPS system for your needs.

Mercury UPs

When it comes to power solutions, you can be rest assured when you use Mercury UPS. Mercury offers you a wide range of configurations. No matter you are a home user or you are looking for a corporate solution, you can rely on Mercury UPS. We Plannettech Investors Ltd help you protect your personal computers and electrical equipment with Mercury UPS and AVR. Perfect solution for coporate, SMB and .
Hp color laserjet 426fdw @ 42,030
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